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  AICPA Luncheon Feb. 7, 2011

Governança em TI - IV Conferência - Maio 2008

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Strategic Finance and Management Consulting

We are an independent consulting firm dedicated to the knowledge and understanding of financial concepts and management strategies used to create, build and sustain enterprise wealth.

We are a premier management and financial research, training and consulting firm.

We believe the foundation to successful financial strategies are integrity, conservatism, planning and foresight. The moral character and fortitude of a company's vision and values, based on truth, and its underlying philosophical ideals, beliefs and goals determines ultimate success over time.

While levels and types of intelligence, and patterns of behavior can be identified, categorized and tested (typically in control environments), there are no measures for an individual's power to think, ability to be creative and to create, ability to foresee and anticipate change or, the quality of leadership capabilities (typically found in uncontrolled environments). Backgrounds, circumstances and everchanging external forces are constant issues to be taken into consideration in any evaluation where final determinations are relative to their origins.

We measure and evaluate for basic reasons -- to plan, to attempt to foresee the future, to minimize risks in the dynamic journey of survival. The evolution of this website is dedicated to your ultimate success as a corporation, as an ongoing entity, and as an individual.

Reveal yourself.

Susan Sabir, Author

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