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  AICPA Luncheon Feb. 7, 2011

Governança em TI - IV Conferência - Maio 2008

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Sankha FinancialCenter® Corporate Values
  1. Respect for all persons, whether they be your superiors, your subordinates, your colleagues and, particularly, with clients.
  2. Integrity and transparency in all acts. Character in first place – what you build develops as a function of your character.
  3. Compliance with the four concepts that govern any contractual relationship: obligations, responsibilities, rights and privileges.
  4. Follow through on your word.
  5. Collaboration; avoid politics.
  6. Focus on the objectives linked to the strategy and vision of the company, giving priority to the client.
  7. Be technically correct; be more intelligent than the competitors. Quality in your work and execution of your tasks in the best manner possible.
  8. Professionalism and humility in your behavior.
  9. Social responsibility and integration with the community.

Origin of the Word “Sankha”

In the Urdu language, the following words exist:

Sanch - N.F. (dial.) truth (only in); only in truth

Sanch´ ko anch´ nahin (Prov.) Truth ultimately prevails

San´cha N.M. (dial.) truthful person

In this vein, I have applied the word, with the pronunciation Sank-ha, as the primary name of our company and our values are a reflection of this.

Susan A. C. Sabir

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