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Whether in the market to prospect, to buy or to sell a company, we can assist with
various services that we offer on a confidential basis at a reasonable price.

Step One:  Register or update your base company information in our database. Use your federal ID number (CNPJ in Brazil) as a search criteria.

Register your company here

Step Two:  Download this file, fill out the form and provide it to Sankha FinancialCenter. Connect by Skype name: sankha.financialcenter

click here to download file (in Portuguese).

Step Three:  Upon completion of steps one and two, having received your information, you will receive by e-mail

a free comprehensive list and general guide as to the desired types of information required to prepare your company for sale in order to achieve optimal results.

Step Four:  Schedule your appointment on a confidential, free and no-obligation basis, to discuss your situation and needs

directly with Susan Sabir. Connect by Skype name: sankha.financialcenter

Step Five:  Receive your written proposal, in English or Portuguese, as to how Sankha FinancialCenter® can assist your endeavor.

Steps One through Five: NO OBLIGATION -- NO COST

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